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Los Angeles CFNm Party

*******POST COVID UPDATE********

I realize a lot of people are finding My blog and website after searching for this party. I will no longer be associated with this group of girls who are all woke. They are all no longer My friends or professional acquaintances. Our views apparently differ too much for them to handle. They do not believe in supporting police and have singled Me out to not be invited. They are also all in the covid cult. I wont be mixing with people who believe that I shouldn't be invited to events based on My refusal to participate in the vax experiment.

Good riddance.

I spent a lot of time and energy promoting this party and I am now left out because I believe in My health and I wont be made to huff a mask or participate in experimental vaccines to get invited to events. Yet they all apparently stayed home and ate their feelings.

Eat a huge dick, ladies. Also use new photos otherwise you are false advertising. :)

Past parties:


3/24/2016 1/07/2016 10/09/2015 6/5/2015 3/20/2015 11/14/2014 9/19/2014 8/1/2014 7/4 Bondage Ball 6/6/2014 5/15 & 5/15 DomCon Parties 3/21/2014 1/31/2014 11/22/2013 My Birthday 9/27/2013 My favorite past scenes at Our Multi Mistress parties have included smoking / ashtray service, use of all sadistic toys, tease and denial, testing your slave limits & playing some quite fun kinky games together you could always come & just mingle I'm positive that you'll want to amuse Us & play. Don’t miss your chance to show off to a group of gorgeous Goddesses what a good boy you can be! What are you waiting for? Come spend an evening full of uninhibited play at what has become LA’s most coveted and exclusive “underground” Multiple Mistress/slave party. Step into a FemDom world where you are subject to Our every perverse whim and desire… Venue - Isabella Sinclaire’s Ivy Manor

Newly remodeled, 2500 square feet of play space with state of the art dungeon furniture including newly launched private DeMasK DTLA showroom. The showroom will carry only the finest fetish wear available by DeMasK latex as well as other BDSM play essentials Isabella refers to as "slave tested, Mistress approved", insuring the best quality items are available to her contemporaries, customers and collectors. The showroom will be open and all items available for purchase during the party.

Lower Level With an open floor plan, delicious champagne/hors d’oeuvres bar, lounge seating, bathroom with walk-in shower, play area with custom made double St. Andrews cross, spanking horse, canopied bondage table, throne, and pommel horse as well as the DeMasK showroom. Upper Level Here you will find the white tiled Medical Play area with gyno table, small lounge area, bathroom with shower/tub. Step a little further to the rear and you will find beautifully appointed play room. With a more intimate feel this room features custom throne, bondage horse, padded bondage table/cage, steel frames for standing bondage and more.

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