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Sheri Land is the nickname I like calling My dungeon. Established February 2020 in Huntington Beach CA. Its My home away from home, a place where I make all of My fantasies come true one slave at a time. 

Here is a list of items on Site:

Queen Bondage Bed

Full size foam mattress daybed

Low Bondage table on wheels

Throne chair

Custom Bondage Fainting Couch

Custom Bondage Spanking Horse aka the Orgasmatron (accommodates Venus 2k or Hitachi)

Custom Curved Bondage Spanking Bench aka the Flying Tongue

Metal Bondage Suspension Rig 7x5x5

Leather Swing 

Metal Bondage Cage 3x3x5

PES Electroplay kit

Venus 2000

Human Furniture Maid Tray

Human Furniture (back strapped) tabletop

Latex sleepsack, back entry with D Rings all around and crotch zip

Latex Vac Bed - wide & tall with neck hole & electro port

Leather sleepsack with 3 way zip

Metal bondage standing impaler

Chastity - metal, rubber, silicone & plastic


~Full Shower & Kitchen

Lots more, just ask. 

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