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Worldwide ~ Distance Training

While I prefer live sessions in one of My private dungeons I also enjoy distance training in various ways:

Chastity Training, Phone, Webcam, Email Assignments, Texting or Instant Messaging. Below you may buy My Chastity contract, My Webcam ID & Pay the Pay To Cum Tax! If you'd like to begin to serve Me you can start here and be sure to politely introduce yourself! I love being served so don't be afraid to offer yourself up.

Domination line

Financial Domination Line $50/minute

Ignore line

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Be a good slave and join
My  LoyalFans website.

Follow for free or subscribe to worship My hot photos & videos.

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Chastity Keyholding & Training

I have years of chastity training experience & I can find a way to make sure that any slave who wants to show their commitment to being well trained for Mistress is trained properly. I enjoy making it a game, but we both know I will always win. From devices, to locks, orgasm control, there isnt anything I cant work around to keeping you under My control.  Click to buy an example of a chastity keyholder agreement contract I made or send a message with an introduction and tribute so that I know you are sincere. 

Webcam Sessions- $100/10min at or

I love using My killer Latina curves & big brown eyes to get you to really amuse Me! Wether youd love to be humiliated, tormented or teased a cam session is a fun way to show how obedient you are for your new Mistress. Booking a webcam session with Me is simple. Just buy My IM username, this lets Me know youre serious & worth setting time aside for ~ then politely message Me requesting a cam session. If your fetish, kink or submission would be better exploited with a bit of planning please include in your message but be brief, a simple "I am a latex fetishist with a weakness for boots" is sufficient.
Sessions dont have to be about D/s, we can enjoy kinky fun fetish play if that is your style. I do enjoy the entertainment in training subs and slaves to perform for Me - I dont do explicit but you will..

Stroke For Me Fee! Pay To Cum Tax! Wanking bill! I know youve been stroking about Me. In My eyes a good slave wants all orgasms controlled by Me. I say when, I say how and I say for how long you get to waste time touching yourself. you should be working hard to please Me instead of stroking & you know it. Thank Me for being generous enough to allow you to release. Extra bonus points if youre locking yourself back up and sending Me your chastity keys!


I take calls regularly around the clock. Listen while I describe how I can take your fantasy & throw it into overdrive. My voice is addictive & My laugh has been the one thing that you will ache to hear from now on. Just call & find out how easy submitting to your new Mistress can be. When you join using My link you get 3 free minutes. 


** If youd prefer not to use niteflirt I am open to accepting other forms of EGiftcards. All gift cards should be sent to: ** $50/15min of talk time. you must check to see which egift card Mistress Sheri prefers on that day. 


Email Assignments

I do not enjoy this because it becomes very tedious and creates more work that its worth on My end. I do believe that different slaves are like different tools & each should be maintained accordingly. This tends to be for slaves on the other side of the world from Me. How is it that you desire to please & serve Me with your slavery? Chastity teases? Humiliation assignments? Sissy or cuckold tasks? Teased and denied constantly? These can be assigned daily or weekly depending upon the goal or level training you seek but you can expect to also pay a premium for them. 


Texting or Instant Messaging

I use SextPanther for texting and phone domination calls but I do prefer paid calls on NiteFlirt which also offers a paid chat option. I prefer this over email get to know you messages which tend to usually just waste My time: is My link to use to show you are sincere in wanting to get to know Me. If you cant talk on the phone for any reason then interacting with Me through messaging is your best option. Follow My links to My Niteflirt, sextpanther or AVNStars pages to politely introduce yourself and begin to offer your servitude.


Serve Me Worldwide no matter where you are by promoting Me!

I have a few websites that you can financially show support to that have shown Me support over the years, ask.

Make a twitter account and help retweet and repost My pictures and important links. Im shadowbanned.


Help to enlighten other slaves about Me by bragging about Oour session at A place where submissives and slaves look to find information about a Mistress they would be able to serve.  

I appreciate it when slaves show support to My online businesses by leaving good feedback whenever possible. 

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