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Fitness Mistress Miss Sheri Darling Orange County Dominatrix Virtual Mistress

Imagine kneeling before your Goddess.

Now imagine not feeling like an embarrassment to your Mistress when you present yourself to Her.

Can you imagine how much better of a slave you will become once you get your body under control and stop wasting time being fixated on your shortcomings?

Hello all!

As most of you know, I am a successful Dominatrix with over 12 years of experience. My lifestyle has revolved around Female domination / worship

and fitness has always been My side passion.


I have made a living off of guiding people into becoming their best version of themselves to be the best play-partners for Me.

One of the ways that I guide people is called FemDom Fat Camp! In my program I use encouragement or humiliation as a way to teach discipline. I take into account your personality type along with your goals and I formulate an ongoing program to trigger your need to gain My approval not just physically but on a more intimate level than your typical coach.

To find out more contact Me using the form below.

Virtual Fitness Mistress | Miss Sheri Darling | Orange County Dominatrix



  • Weekly Check-ins

  • Monthly Reviews

  • Weight Humiliation or Gain/Loss Encouragement

  • FemDom Cleanse or Detox Challenges

  • 90min FemDom Dungeon bootcamp

  • Reward or Punishment Incentives 

  • IRL Scenarios

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