PHONE~ I accept phone sessions through NiteFlirt on a regular basis.


Cam~ I accept phone with cam sessions through a variety of ways, mainly on NiteFlirt. Send a message & we can coordinate a time to get together


Live~ you may request to book a session by completing the session form on this website, or by calling Me on NiteFlirt if youd like to take a few minutes getting to know Me on the phone & asking questions about possible scenarios.


Lifestyle slaves~ you may tribute $100 application fee so that you may apply through the page on My website & wait until I respond. you may court Me into liking you if I do not immediately respond after your application. Or you can wait until I have need for the type of service you are offering. Typically I will respond just to let you know I considered you along with My decision. 


youre welcome..





Sheri Darling

POBox 18431

Irvine, CA. 92626



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Click to tribute:





I'm so glad you want to spoil Me!

Showing appreciation is super easy because I will now outline exactly how I love being spoiled with tributes from you. Gifts are never expected and always completely appreciated. Thank you in advance for showing your appreciation! Please make sure to send a note with your tribute so I know who appreciates Me!


Letters and cards with tributes send to:

Sheri D.

POBOX 18431

Irvine, CA 92623 


Send egift cards to:


Here is a list of the top things Id like:


1) Cash tributes concealed in cards or gifts

2) Glen Ivy day spa gift cards. Champagne, treatments, massages and lunches would be on you. Going alone I can spend about $300 which I am always SO thrilled to do when I can.


3) I always need new gadgets. Right now a new video camera would be a great gift for a generous slave to gift Me. Best Buy spree sounds great! 

4) I love online shopping. My favorite gift cards include Lululemon, Etsy and Amazon. 

5) Date nights should always be covered by you cuckold slaves, prove that you deserve to be a part of My private dating life and maybe youll be rewarded: Flemings

Orange Hill


6) Surprise Me with a gift from a wish list! I love getting mail especially when they contain presents! Click to find My lists:


I love products, click to see whats on My wishlist!

7) Become My nail slave. I go every two to three weeks & usully spend between $100-$150 each time. The honor of taking care of your Goddesses hands is a treat for any servant wanting to useful.

8) Become My brazillian bikini hair removal slave. I love this to be paid for by true cuckolds who know that My body will be enjoyed more by a true man and not let down by an inferior cuckold wimp. My monthly bill is $65 plus $10 or $20 tip and sometimes I like to buy products there. Ideally this slave would want Me to enter their credit card number into My account and have it charged when I make visits. 

9) Gym wimp for Sheri. If you know Me then you know how much I love working out. My fitness routine costs about $500 /mo and It turns Me on when slaves pay My gym fees. Monthly membership $350 Supplements $150 every other month. Throw some icing on the cake with a Lulu gift card. 

10) Weekly treats. I know that I can be quite the Princess & I do love treating Myself. It can really add up between Gym, Latex, Bills, Gasoline & Feminine upkeep. A simple way to treat Me each weekend is to pay for My Nekter & Panera for Breakfast after I workout and relax for the day. If $20 / week doesn't sound like too much then you can be that slave. 

I love being Financially Worshipped, I shouldnt have to "make" you hand over anything. How tacky. A good slave can see clearly that I deserve it. With that being said I must admit, I do love Financial Servitude. Its the main difference between a traditional BDSM session vs controlling domination and submission within your lifestyle - you can not go home & recover with a bath & beer. you must return to work & SLAVE for Me in order to please Me again. Let Me know you are ready to spoil Me financially and be turned into My wallet, My paypig, My cashcow or whatever other pet name I assign to you by saying hello on My Financial Domination line on niteflirt.

Custom art is always welcome! I love seeing My image and you should too. I have two Sardax custom commissioned paintings which I cherish so so so much. They hang in My dungeon & depict Myself with a couple of My most devoted slaves. Id love a few newer updated portraits, there is still plenty of space left on My dungeon walls! Click the image to vist & follow the links there to get complete info.