Mistress Sheri Darling

Orange County based


I am one of the Top Los Angeles and Orange County Dominatrix and soon to be your favorite Mistress. I'm a Professional & lifestyle Dominant Fetishist. Pro since 2010. Playing in Orange County, DTLA, West Los Angeles & wherever I may be traveling..

So keep up..

Serve Me live, on the phone or via webcam..

In addition to live sessions & ongoing interaction I enjoy distance training slaves worldwide to be My useful little perverted playthings.. Sissies, cuckolds, fetishists, pain sluts & submissives of all sorts beg to submit just to try bringing Me pleasure..

Through your devotion

& relentless worship,

you now have the opportunity to please Me.


Have you been looking for the perfect Latina Domme to serve? I pride Myself in looking like the healthy happy girl next door but with dirtiest mind, hottest wardrobe and always ready to dominate you. I train submissives & slaves to serve My every wish and to make all of My fantasies come true through their servitude.. I enjoy the power that My sexy body and style have over men and women who are just like just you.. reading this.. curious.. Usually control freaks in their own lives, very successful but needing a specific time and space to let go of control with someone who makes you feel good while you forget about time. Some say its the look in My eye when I play, others cant get enough of My killer curves and often Im told that I have a way to instantly brainwash them into becoming completely addicted to Me. I just have so much fun toying with you, be My plaything.

I love all kinky minds ..but I play with just a select few..  Once you have earned the opportunity to become submissive slave meat at My feet I control your eager body and your naturally submissive mind. I will lead the way as we take a playful journey leading you deep into sub-space..  Just don't be fooled by my smirk and giggle- your pain is My pleasure too, lets see how well you handle it..

Let's get kinky...

Serve Me.


PHONE~ I accept phone sessions through NiteFlirt on a regular basis.


Cam~ I accept phone with cam sessions through a variety of ways, mainly on NiteFlirt. Send a message & we can coordinate a time to get together


Live~ you may request to book a session by completing the session form on this website, or by calling Me on NiteFlirt if youd like to take a few minutes getting to know Me on the phone & asking questions about possible scenarios.


Lifestyle slaves~ you may tribute $100 application fee so that you may apply through the page on My website & wait until I respond. you may court Me into liking you if I do not immediately respond after your application. Or you can wait until I have need for the type of service you are offering. Typically I will respond just to let you know I considered you along with My decision. 


youre welcome..





Sheri Darling

POBox 18431

Irvine, CA. 92626



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