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Celebrating DomCon LA Week!

This is the time of year that LA just gets hotter & hotter!

I plan to spend the week attending classes, hanging out at the bar, doing out to dinners with Mistresses who I normally don't get to see! And also buying lots of leather and latex!!! That is where you come in! I would love for you to foot the bill this week.$SheriDarling is how you can use your debit card to easily send Me all of your money!!

I just looked over the DomCon schedule of presentations & its looking like there will be plenty to pick from. Theres a singletail vendor that will be here I must visit. DDI Magazine will have a booth too. I love to participate in the DomCon fun! I have been a past $ponsor for some main events of DomCon in the past. Perhaps next year you will tribute so that I can sponsor more events & splash My name & image all over the DomCon vendor halls & promotional print outs!

If you are planning on going to DomCon LA send Me a private message & let Me know where to find your wallet! I would love public wallet rapes happening as well as a shopping spree on you! Wanna find out how much damage I could do in less than 2o minutes :D

If you aren't near and cannot attend then you can send your tribute and be added to My snapchat, or get a 1 on 1 Skype session during the weekend so that you can see Me in My new outfit or tell you about how much fun I am having spending your tribute on drinks at the bar, dinner with Mistress friends I normally do not get to see or whatever else I can come up with!!! Be a part of My fun & splurge!

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